Anyone Anywhere Can Be a Beekeeper

Honey Gatherer in las Cuevas de Araña, Andalusia, Spain

Anyone, anywhere can be a beekeeper.

Bees can be kept in urban backyard gardens, lush open hillsides overlooking the ocean, remote tropical forests, and even seasonally cold inner city roof tops.

The race of honeybee changes depending on the local environment and how it needs to behave in order to survive, the style of hive differs according to local knowledge as well as readily available resources for building, and the relationship that the beekeeper has with their bees reflects their overall goal for keeping them.

However, what doesn’t change are the benefits that we as individuals and as communities receive through keeping them. They pollinate our crops, carrying the pollen to and from their budding flowers making our fruits and vegetable possible. The consumption of their products provide us with unparalleled nutrition, while the application of their products provide us with readily available and practical medicine. Not only can we stimulate our health through bees presence, but our economy as well. Honey is one of histories oldest commodities, it has maintained it’s value over thousands of years.

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