Collected from the saps excreted from budding trees and shrubs, Propolis is pasty dark colored resin collected by the Bees and used in the hive to close off openings and keep all outsiders out. Mixed with saliva and nectar  to achieve its malleable consistency it’s one of natures most complete antibiotics and is used as the beehives’ natural immune system. Bees also coat the entrance of their hive with this sappy substance to clean and disinfect them when they enter. Studies have even shown that the immune system of an individual honey bee is reflective of the amount of propolis within the hive.  They even use it to coat, cover and eventually kill off through suffocation uninvited guests such as beetles and mice. It truly is amazing stuff.

Scraped from the hive or collected by humans through the installation and scrapping of a gaped false roof placed on top of the beehive, propolis is a  complex natural mixture of compounds which together offer a range of therapeutic benefits.

Since the beginning of human kind, propolis has been used in its raw form for the treatment of deep burns and wounds in order to keep infections out  and to aid in healing. A small portion of the sticky sap like matter can also be kept in the mouth to ease the symptoms of a sore throat. Its antibacterial qualities have also been shown to help in cases of oral health. Its direct application helps in the healing of canker sores, while the application in paste like form helps to regenerate healthy tissue in cases of gingivitis. It’s anti fungal properties also help in cases of chronic bad breath. Propolis tinctures, where the resin has been diluted and distilled in alcohol, is also used to promote heart health and strengthen the immune system. Not bad right?

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