Time Management

Time Management

Keeping this project alive and well takes dedication, organization, and most of all creativity. For dedications sake , It could easily be a full-time job. However, as there are seeds to be planting, beehives to be building and fields to be tilled, it all comes back to organization.

So, thanks to modern technology, emails, skype calls and the hauling of sheep manure out in the country can all be handled at once. It just means falling into the daily ritual of international connections.

We had the great fortune of encountering an elderly sheep herding couple in town with a barn full of aged manure who have agreed to let us haul away the stuff. We´ve been shoveling into bins, bags and tarps, transporting via the van and emptying the containers on the 300 square meter plot were currently prepping for planting.

Hauling Sheep Mulch

Due to the limited resources needed to build Kenyan Top Bar style beehives, as well as their practicality in meeting our needs as beekeepers, we have also been keeping busy with the construction process.

The first thing the bees will do upon arrival into the hives is build honey comb, so we get their new home as prepped as possible. Wax will be placed on each top bars underside and the bees will begin by pulling apart the wax with their mouth while simultaneously mixing with the wax protruding from their abdomens’ underside.  Pre-lining the top bars with wax assures us as beekeepers that the bees will build their combs in what presents itself as an organized fashion. We can then move each of the panels individually if need be, without harming the remaining panels. The bees do all the hard work, we only facilitate with the slightest of efforts.

KTB construction

ktb build process

All this physical labors been great for the acclimation process as well as the Spanish diet that I continue to fall in love with, but it’s time to focus energy on project creation. The most attractive part in front of us right now is the family literacy aspect of the project. We’re turning the story of Akuli and the Bees into an interactive family workbook. Public health will fuse with environmental education, and Akuil will share more than her beekeeping knowledge with her community members.

Akuli and the Bees

So getting back to the importance of organization, it’s late Sunday night (even for Spaniards), and with another full week ahead of us it’s time to get some rest.

Bonne nuit!