Blowin Gusts

Three and a half years ago I set off for uncharteed territory in search for my passion in life.


One farm led me to the next and every travelers story preped me for those to come.  Southeast asia led me to Australia and fruit picking work brought me to a small rivertown in Queenland. Delivering junk mail door to door provided me with good excercise and introduced me to the F.C Assailant.assailant It was at sea on the great barrier reef, on the deck under the spotlights, while sorting shrimp for the European Union and chatting with Shane, my deckhand and shrimp boat guide that I started thinking about honey bees.


There is no Justice, Without Equality

Now it’s monday night here in Spain and the wind is ratteling just about everything. I’m much more content sleeping in a warm bed with flanel sheets than the bunker I had on the assailant but the wind sure reminds me of the late nights crawling out the arms, unhooking the netchains, while gripping tight onto the cold wet metal with the other.

So, thankfully the work I have infront of me these coming days can be done in the wind protected wood shop here in San Martin de le Vega Spain.IMG_3480

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