WEEMA International

Thanks to a newly acquired collaboration with the ngo WEEMA International, Bee Free Apiaries is excited to announce that we will be implementing three, week long beekeeper education workshops and seminars in February of 2014!

WEEMA logo

With WEEMA’s collaboration we will be educating beekeepers in the villages of Kololo and Mudula in the Region of Kembata-Tembaro Ethiopia. 105 new and old beekeepers, including at least 50% women, will be trained on basic bee biology as well as transitional beekeeping hive designs and  methods. This combination will insure that beekeepers have the necessary  information to better support their livelihoods as beekeepers.

Kololo Beekeepers Meeting

Kololo Beekeepers Meeting

To read more about our collaboration with WEEMA as well as more on their amazing work in Ethiopia, follow the link below.


2 thoughts on “WEEMA International

  1. I belong to a beekeeping organization in Canada and we have a website and beekeepers library which people from around the world use. A beekeeper from Ethiopia who does not have access to internet has asked me where he can get hard copy information on beekeeping. Hope you can help. Thanks.

    • The Holetta Bee Research center which is a section of the orimiya agricultural research institute is a good source for materials just north of Addis in direction to Ambo. All regions also have local agriculture centers which incorporate a bee keeping branch. These can also be sought out upon availability.

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