Bee Pollen


Thanks to the visits made by bees to the flowers around them, our fruits and vegetables are made possible. Roughly 90% of the fresh foods we eat everyday, to give you a better idea.

Supplying their hive mates with the necessary protein they need for development, designated pollen collecting bees make countless trips to the flowers around them in pursuit of this golden dust. Once they reach their destination, they mix their saliva with the fine yellow particles and adhere the newly clumped mix to the sticky hairs on their hind legs. This protein rich element also happens to be the reproductive element of the plant. So when the bee brushes its body through the pollen carrying tentacles in order to collect the fine  powder, the removal and transfer of pollen send the flowers’ eggs into motion and the flower can begin to put on its fruits.

Whether or not the Bee realizes the life giving results of its actions, they gracefully make their way back to the hive where they once again transfer the pollen towards their mouth, mix it with more saliva and back it into pollen specific cells.

They then use this pollen do develop their young. As freshly laid eggs turn into larva, designated worker bees are responsible for filling their cells with the proper nutrients they need for development. Before being capped off for their final stage of metamorphosis this protein filled substance is pack tightly into their cell. After 21 days or 24 days within the cell, depending if the bees is female of male, the young bee will have consumed all of the nutrients within the cell before emerging and joining their new bee family.

Not only is pollen life giving to the beehive, but it’s moderate and minfull consumption by humans can be life changing. Because of its scientifically proven composition of enzymes and amino acids, making it one of natures most complete foods, bee pollen corrects deficient or unbalanced nutrition, restoring overall vitality. Its complex composition helps to extend longevity, aids recovery from chronic illnesses, helps to add weight in situations of malnutrition, reduces cravings and addictions, regulates the intestines, helps to build new blood, prevents infectious diseases such as colds and the flu due to its antibiotic properties, and also helps to overcome retardation and other development problems in children. Some studies have even shown bee pollen to carry anti-cancer qualities as well as help to protect against radiation. These truly are just a few of the health benefits. Directly derived from nature by nature before given to us, bee pollen is truly life giving.