My Hands are Dirty

My Hands are Dirty


 IMG_3608 All in all, my trip to Ethiopia was a success. Now that I have returned to Madrid, where I have decided to call home for now, I have an abundance of work ahead of me. All the better, as I like to keep myself busy. There is nothing like shoveling dirt and planting gardens that keeps you connected to where you are.

Along with the Kenyan Top Bar hives I built before leaving we have plenty of beekeeping related work ahead of us as well. We’re currently in the process of restoring hives from a local beekeeping friend and waiting for the swarms to arrive. A cold front just passed and now that it seams spring and maybe even summer is here to stay, we will be be filling our hives shortly.

The 2 hectars of land belonging to Ramon’s family is also awaiting our labor, and we’re hoping that over the course of weekend encounters between friends and a few organized work seminars we can bring the land to life.

I managed to carry some American Heirloom seeds with me to Madrid, and after leaving them in the greenhouse 8 weeks ago now, I am proud to say, collections of cherry and beefsteak tomatoes, Mexican peppers, giant sunflowers, lettuces, celery, spinach and both sweet and Hopi corn are all in the ground. I’ll be even prouder when I can share them with my Spanish friends but as for now I am just happy to get my hands dirty on a daily basis.

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