Can you Collaborate?

Can you Collaborate?

Rule of thumb number 1: When you want do do one thing you must do at least 3 before.

And if you want to do that thing, activity, project, construction, what have you, in Africa, well you have to do at least 7 things before.

Lacking the precise word in English to signify a mix of desire, energy, and motivation, it is more direct to say in Spanish that Ganas Exist.

We at Beefree Apiaires, Boss man at Ethiopia Reads, formerly known as TEFSA, and my hardworking school building brother also share in the Ganas it will take to make this project happen.

However, knowing better, and of course knowing the pace of day to day activities in Ethiopia, as well as the frequency of things going against any precipitated plan, we’ve decided to push back the 1 month Pilot Program for this coming April in exchange for an 1 month in country assessment so to speak.

I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make this dream a reality and that means investing all I got. On my own account I’ll be flying out of Madrid, Tuesday March 26th  in route to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The plan as of know is to spend the first few days meeting with the bossman, Dana, while staying at my brothers flat in Addis. We had an opportunity to meet back in Minneapolis one cold Sunday before I took off for Spain, and though we’ve been trying to connect over the internet over the past 2 months since my US departure, with all the movement on both ends, meeting in person and especially in country will really help turn this project into reality.

My brother Cien will be returning to the capital from his 3rd school building of the year on April 6th and from there I’ll be tagging along on his escapades to the villages where he has been working for the past 3 years. Known as Kembata Tembora, this same region is where we are working towards implementing the 3 phase Beekeeping, Public Health and Community education program.

Traveling around the area with my brother for a months time will provide us with much needed information. I’m planning on treating the visit as one very big a very large research Project. I’ll be meeting communities, their schools as well as their health programs. Local agriculture will be assessed for pollination purposes and Propolis giving trees will be identified for future hive placement.

As far as beekeeping goes, as there is no country with richer history for Honey Bees, I also have my note taking cut out for me. Beyond the many lessons, I will be assessing available resources, including wood for hive building, metal for tool construction and  materials as well as the knowing of seamstresses for the creation of the necessary protective clothing needed.

Lastly and equally if not as important, I am hoping to meet with in country beekeepers, the more local the better. I also have my eye on and have already been in contact with the Bees for Development International, Beekeeping for Excellence Center in the Holetta region in  the North. Check out their informative website at (  This is where I begin to ask for Community Collaboration.

This trip alone to the north, via public transportation including lodging will run me $200. My money is tight and I am always willing to collaborate so this is when I begin to make offers to my friends, family and supporters of all breeds all over the world.

In exchange for a donations between $1- $25, I’ll send you a handwritten postcard. 

For a Donations between $26 and $50 I’ll send you a handmade hand dipped Ethiopian wax candle and a handwritten thank you note.

For donations between $50 and $100 I’ll send you a candle, a note and a jar of the best Ethiopian Honey I come across.

Any thing more than that will be going towards beehive construction. If not this trip than than the next.

$50 more or less will buy one village participant all the necessary equipment, beehive and material needed in order to be a beekeeper.

While another $50 dollars will pay for their week long education program in order to become a successful beekeeper.

So what do you think, are you willing to collaborate?

If your answer is yes, oui or si, press the make a donation button at the top or bottom of this page and send Beefree Apiaries the electronic funds it will take to make this dream a reality.

You can always send me an email at for any question, concern or inquiry.

I enjoy all your emails!