honeyHumans have been using honey as medicine for thousands of years. Its good for just about everything. It’s calming qualities help to soothes coughs and throat irritations, its’ curative qualities help to regenerate skin growth for wounds and burns, and its’ absorptive qualities kill off bacteria in skin outbreaks and infections. It is a readily available and compact form of complex carbohydrates, ideal for circumstances of malnutrition as well as for athletes. Because it is already broken down by the bees, in the process of making it, honey helps with digestion as well as to stimulate the appetite. It truly can be considered nature’s miracle drug.

It is also important to keep in mind how much bees work to generate this stuff. Bees fly over 55,000 miles visiting 2 million flowers to produce 1 pound of honey. That’s equivalent to flying around the world 4 times. They of course, do this for themselves.

Upon completing all other roles, within the hive, the honey bee takes on the role of a forager and leaves the hives in pursuit of the life giving nectar produced by nearby flowers. Honey bees will fly up to 6 miles from the hive in order to fill their mouths with this sweet life giving substance. Once they return to the hive, the forager passes the nectar off to a receiving bee by way of a kiss. Through this transaction the flower nectar is mixed with stomach enzymes and begins to breakdown and condense into the final honey state. The receiving bee then makes it’s way through the hive before regurgitating the nectar enzyme mix into previously built honey cells where it will further condense. Once that cell is filled by at least 9 foraging trips and the remaining moisture content is reduced below 18% ,  it is capped off by a thin layer of wax, (yes, produced by bees as well) where it will be stored indefinitely until future use.

They do of course have a reason. All this work provides them with the food and nutrients they need to pass through flowerless winters.

Knowing how much energy Bees put into producing this commodity, its important and even advantageous to keep in mind its value when consuming and applying.