Beautiful Beehives

Beautiful Beehives

   In Ambakuna Ethiopia, tucked between the flowering Eucalyptus, Acacia, mangos and avocado trees,the 70 beekeepers we trained in February and their newly established transitional top bar hives are showing promise. 


Liz Mcgovern, Corey Van Hove and the WEEMA Team recently visited with a few of our newly trained beekeepers and were impressed with what they they saw. Beekeepers seam to be picking up on the new technologies quickly and through the reproduction of hives on their own accord  are showing faith in the transitional top bar bee hive´s potential.  

Mehran bees



 Though we  won´t know the full capacity of the top bars honey production until the August and September honey harvest time, with our on the ground beekeeping staff and international team of support we will be sure to maximize their output. Bee Free Apiaries, WEEMA and our Ambakuna community beekeepers are all excited for the programs continued success.