Moving the Potato

Moving the Potato

In order to get any idea up and running a little bit of a start-up fund is necessary. So,  I´ve decided to become my own bank and put my eclectic skill set to the test here in Spain. I´m distributing resumes and putting up flyers for group and individual english workshops around town and I have no doubt that money-making opportunities will be presenting themselves shortly.

Kahlyn´s face shot

                                                      Kahlyn Keilty-Lucas

Project Coordinator Bee Free Apiaries

# 687954204

Education Experience-

Queen Bee Rearer and Apiculture Internship. January-Sept 2012.  La Muela, Andalucía, Spain. Apicola, La Muela. Daniel Leinenweber –

TEFL Certification and Practice.  July-August 2009. Intermediate Level English Courses taught at West Side Community Center, St. Pau l.  153 Cesar Chávez Street Saint Paul, MN 55107

Seattle University Bachelor of Arts; Honors Degree in International Studies. Graduation 2009. 901 12th Avenue Seattle, WA 98122

Undergrad experiences focused on Community Driven Development Programs.

  • Centro de la Raza Community Center. Seattle, Washington. April-June 2009. Project Coordinator and Lead Builder for Raised Bed Garden Project Serving 30 low income Seniors in Bell Hill District. Raquel Garcia (206) 957-4643
  • CIMAS Program of Public Health, Quito, Ecuador. December-March 2009. Jose Suarez-Lopez .
  • Venusa Institute, Mérida, Venezuela. January-June 2007. Spanish and Integral Cultural Study.

Post Graduation “Real life” Experience.

  • “Akuli and the Bees” Shadow Puppet Theatre Presentation- August 2012. 2 hour bi-weekly animation of a West African Tale through shadow puppet creation held with group of village youth. El Centro de Barrio (Community Center) La Muela, Cadiz Province, Andalusia Spain. Jesus
  • Public Relation Services, Community engagement, Horticulture Assistant and Photographer.  Pavlovci, Serbia Sept-Dec 2011. Aleksandra Veriga.
  • Market research and Publicity- Sales of Burkina Faso Handiwork. Spain. June 2011-December 2012
  • Environmental Education through garden and Beehive installation- La Muela Community Village youth. Susansa Lechner.
  • Public Relation Services and Project Assistant for Okakene West African Caravan. Spain-Burkina Faso January-May 2011
    • Community Health outreach and engagement. Sale, Rabat District, Morocco. February 2011
    • Rebibir Solar Well Project Material Delivery and Community Outreach. March 2011. Boutilimout, Mauratania.
    • Traditional Therapist medical Clinic Homestay. Lafiabougou N’Tabakoro. Bamako, Mali. March-April 2011. Tel: 2292789 Dr. Bourama Soumaoro
  • Project Outreach- Segou Region Apiculture Association. Farako Honey, Segou, Mali.  April 2011.
  • Children’s Activity and Project Coordinator, District 12 Bobo-Diloussou, Burkina Faso. April-May 2011.
  • Restoration Worker, Receptionist, Public Relations- Casa Caracol, Cadiz, Spain. December 2010-January 2011.
  • Deckhand for the FC. Assailant Shrimp Boat. Queensland, Australia. June –August 2010
  • Builder and Project assistant for Earthbagbuilding center Koh Phan Gan Thailand. February- March 2010. Julian Balmer
  • Gardener and Project assistant for Gearson Therapy Wholistic Treatment Center, Chang Dao, Thailand.  February 2010 Steven luch.
  • Volunteer Coordinator and Lead Builder. Lao Organic Farm Mud brick house. October 2009-January 2010. Pedro Moya.,

Extra Curricular Activities

  • Seattle University Women’s Soccer Team member. 2005-2009