Who We are

My name is Kahlyn Keilty-Lucas, I am from Minneapolis, Minnesota,  and as a way of combining all of my interests and experiences into one, I decided to become a beekeeper. Inspired by the ancient image of a women carrying a basket up a tree to harvest honey, in the ¨spider caves¨ outside of Alicante,  I came to Spain in seek of an apprenticeship. 5 years later a am now a beekeeper 35 KM southwest of Madrid. 


Though the bees and climate in Spain and Ethiopia are very different,  the effect that beekeeping makes within the community does not.  The ancient trade brings to all participating Positive environmental, social, and economic growth. In collaboration with local actors we belive that through small steps, and beginning with education, we at BeeFree Apiaires can create big changes on local and international levels

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