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Please contact us at with any questions, curiosities or inquiries!

Depending on where your mailing from and what you are sending, we would be happy to provide you with an appropriate mailing address. We love snail mail!

2 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hello Bee Free Apiaries,

    my name is Mark Riordan, I just came upon your site and would love it if you could help me in my search for information regarding beekeeping in Ethiopia.

    Beekeeping is a passion of mine, I keep hives commercially and teach children in local schools the importance of beekeeping to our society and environment. I live in Ireland and I am hoping to visit Ethiopia next year and would love to visit some beekeepers if I can find them. It seems like there is a lack of information with regard to beekeeping in Ethiopia so I was happy to find your site and very excited when I saw the work that you are doing!

    I would love it if you could help me out!

    Thank you,
    Mark Riordan

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